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Peanut butter is his best friend.
He enjoys reading graphic novels.
Superheroes rocks his boxer shorts. His heart is as strong as a rock.
He is as gentle as a flower.
Hijabs are cool, but so are beards.

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A lifetime's supply of peanut butter.

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Take Me Away(acoustic) - Lifehouse

Saturday, June 28, 2008 @ 9:39 AM

Thru aut dhe histori, meni intalekts tryd tu formulet a consistant we of ryting english. Benjamin Franklin is wan of dhem. But, du tu comen pipel's hesitansi, supirior sistam waz nevar adhapted. Wan de dho, pipel will rite lyk dhis. A consistant wey of ryting english.

Dhis wud bi isi tu larn, and u wud not hav tu rimembar ilogical spelings for so meni words.

Infact dhis sistam is so isi, ryt aftar u rid dhis post, u ar ebl tu ryt eni ward.

Isn't dhat owsam!!!???

Dhis typ of ryting harts my ays!!!

This is how probably the looney tune characters would type if they could... espeffaily Daffy Duck. But then again, i'm no looney toon character.

English today is not what it was in the victorian era. The current system of english is so erratic, it takes years to perfect the spellings, let alone grammar. But still people keep a dictionary on their table in case they need to check how some word is spelled (also to check the meanings).

This system of mine however could be mastered in only 1 month! Or even sooner. The rules are simple.

riid wat u ryt, ryt wat u riid.

@ 2:09 AM
Ride on.

I was checking out some BMX vids on several websites regarding the local scene here in SG, which by the way was awesome, and as i scrolled down, i saw a few comments.

So as i began to read some of them, i was totally blown away by what some of these kids were saying; free coasters suck, brakeless sucks, he sucks, this company sucks, big bars suck, small bars suck...the list just kept going. How freaking ungrateful i thought.

The very riders and companies that keep the sport thriving are being criticized and dumbed down by these little know-it-alls just because of preference or style. If those little asses truly love BMX, those thoughts wouldn't even cross their minds, but because they can do tailwhips at their local parks, they get this big ego and think they run the industry and call the shots. They're missing the entire point of BMX.

I'm 24 and used to ride BMX ever since i was in secondary school, busting my ass everyday and i can barely Smith-grind a two-foot ledge. But you know what?

It doesn't matter because just by reading all those narrow-minded comments, i can guarantee that i still love the sport more than any of those dumbf--ks who thinks they have the right to talk sh-t in such a manner about the pros and companies that have given them an opportunity to ride everyday.

Please grow up or just quit riding because you're wrecking it for the people who truly love it.

Ok la...i want to watch Harry Potter.

Sunday, June 01, 2008 @ 3:44 AM
I just ate toothpaste but really i prefer the aroma of foot powder

Sometimes i wonder... if we're drowning in our egos or just drowning full stop.

Sometimes i wonder whether writing...the pursuit of trying to relate 'the human
experience' (whatever the heck that's supposed to be) is just a pursuit of the ego. Us making fanciful lavish statements about life and our perspective on it just to give ourselves a sense of self-worth that we don't deserve.

Some days where i feel like there's some kinda hypertension in the air that everyone is completely unaware of. Most of the time i wonder... whether reading metaphor and symbolism into the mundane is all it takes to drive us insane.

It's working pretty well on me so far.

Touching on other things, women have a habit of over talking so much so that they ask a question and allow only a micro second to answer, and if you don't answer within that time... they continue to talk and cut you off even if you start answering.

Women at times ask a question, but before they let you answer it, they answer it for you.

Isn't that annoying?

Is it just me or what..its jokes.

Enough women do it in my family and i've come across others that have done it too.

I think i know the difference between a rhetorical question and a real one yet they always answer it even if its for an opinon. It's like...

sis- what do you think of this, would it look good there?
me- umm (gets cut off)
sis - ahh actually i like it here... goes well in that corner. So what do you think?
me - well (gets cut off)
sis - ok... i've made up my mind. Its nice here.

Once i accidentally dialled a wrong number and a women answered it.

Woman: Hello?!
Me : Can i sp...
Woman : Yes?!
Me : Is ..?
Women : Yes ?!
Me : Umm...
Woman : Yes?!
Me : ....
Woman : Yes?! ... Yes?! .... YES??!!

I had one today with my mom.My mom was buying some flowers and was asking me which one's are nice, i learnt its best to answer in a way that you can't be asked again.

Mom: Are these flowers nice?
Me: Mom, you're the expert.

Later on, i started to give my opinion but my mom would disregard it and carry on. So in the end my mom was like...

Mom: Do you think i should get the other one's?
Me: Whatever one's i tell you to get, you are just going to get the one's you like anyway.

Mothers, you gotta love 'em.

Friday, February 22, 2008 @ 11:19 AM
may we all live in interesting times

Hello ladies.

Have you ever stopped to read the comments on YouTube? Some of them are pretty hilarious.

I was watching this coke bomb video and an argument started among the brits and american members. This is just one of the comments:

For example, if Fox or CNN decided to do a report on "2 + 2 = 5 " , most Americans would instantly agree. If Bush says "Iraq has wmds" all americans instantly agree, and if I told an American guy on the bus his name was David Beckham, he would agree.

The David Beckham bit made me lol.

Some guy posted a strange/funny video under a fake title of a cartoon. People were mad. Here are the comments (the politer ones anyway):

Person A: Why are there so many freaks on YouTube?
Person B: cause freaks are somehow able to afford computers
Person C: Because a freak's computer is his only friend?

and another comment on the same video: Oh ur a jew.....

A Britney vid:

reminds me of those fairy tales where a girl makes a wish, the wish is granted, and she realizes it's not what she really wantsfame and money will not make you happy. Love and Drugs will.

From an anti-smoking video:

"all smokers will die, and if it were legal i would hunt you down and kill you myself."

"I don't smoke anymore so now I'm acceptable within society. Now I just drink alcohol, take drugs and I cheat and lie. Society sais that's fine as long as I don't smoke."

"oh yeah you look really cool with a a fat tumor dangling from your throat=D good luck with your cancer stick .. my best wishes to all of you who smoke.=)

"And another one with a lady with oral cancer from smoking:"what the hell did she smoke? antrax?"

"I think I dated her once "

Good stuff really. I had a good laugh.

Saturday, February 09, 2008 @ 1:05 PM
Girls with hair on their back... that's messed up.

Monday, January 28, 2008 @ 5:51 AM
Hullabaloney in my pants

The trip was AWE-SOME in every sense of the word. So AWE-SOME that we are already planning to go backpacking in Turkey sometime next year for two weeks. Kebabs galore and tonnes of sheesha awaits...not to forget belly dancers. *a very wide grin*

I have loads of peekchures...but i'm pretty tight on time with work and other stuff. So the peekchures will probably be up by the weekend.

Monday, December 03, 2007 @ 9:31 PM
Armed with my peanut butter, i am ready to take on the world.

I was asking Amir earlier today...''so what did you write in your leave application form for the Thailand trip?''

Amir: Sex, dude?
Me: I wrote...*pauses dramatically* romantic getaway with my gay buddies.
Amir: *Gasps*

Saturday, December 01, 2007 @ 4:26 AM
Dude, can i borrow your boxer shorts? The one with the polka dots?


I am not having a writer's block.

It's just that i needed to take some time off blogging to rest my messed up wrist which got sprained a few weeks back after a bad fall while skateboarding and do some much needed reflection on my life. Such as why the heck is my iman at times going up and down like the stock market?

Yeah, i can feel it flunctuating, one day i'm praying 5 times and the next day 4. Its awesome like that.

However, i am looking forward to my Krabi/ Bangkok trip in January which promises to be fricking funballs. Oh well, initially it was supposed to be something like a skate trip but since on the good old doctor's instructions to lay off skateboarding for at least 2 months, we decided to forego it.

We'll be taking off on the 3rd of January on a thursday night departing at 2015hrs. In Krabi, we'll be staying at the Srisuksant Resort Hotel at Ao Nang Beach which looks pretty neat and affordable at that considering our budget.

We'll be in Krabi for 3 days till sunday after which we will be taking a bus from Krabi Bus Station to Surat Thani Railway station to take a train to the Hualamphong Station in Bangkok. The train ride will take at least 8 hrs so we plan to take the train ride at night after 9pm if there is one so that we will be able to reach Bangkok on monday morning.

Upon arriving in Bangkok, we'll be staying at the Baiyoke Suite Hotel which is in the Pratunam area. All the big shopping malls are nearby and so is the sky-train plus the cost of staying in the hotel is cheap.

According to one of my buddies, when one is in bangkok, one has to check out the local music scene there. He told me to check out the Immortal Bar at Khao San Road where local bands there play indie, hardcore, punk, name it. Apparently, he said he had a blast moshing with the locals at a gig there.
Our flight back to SG will be on the 9th of january. Hopefully, we will enjoy the trip fuckloads and have a blast.